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I put in a dark lamp - Startactivity put extra

Publicado en Jul 24, 2018 por en startactivity, extra, put

document created by flag_activity_NEW_document will have its entry in recent tasks removed when the user closes it (with back or however else it may finish. String extra_replacing Used as

a boolean extra field in action_package_removed intents to indicate that this is a replacement of the package, so this broadcast will immediately be followed by an add broadcast for a different version of the same package. String extra_template The initial data to place in a newly created record. Note: there will be restrictions on which applications can initiate a call; most applications should you put it out use the action_dial. String extra_changed_UID_list This field is part of, and contains an integer array of uids of all of the components that have changed. Extra_process_text_readonly states if the resulting text will be read-only. Dir/ te " / /intent-filter This declares the things that the activity can do on a directory of notes. This is the default behavior when flag_exclude_stopped_packages is not set. String category_leanback_launcher Indicates an activity optimized for Leanback mode, and that should be displayed in the Leanback launcher. The path to the mount point for the unmountable media is contained in the ata field. Constant Value: "ternative" added in API level 15 Used with action_main to launch the browser application. Int fillIn ( Intent other, int flags) Copy the contents of other in to this object, but only where fields are not defined by this object. This way the new activity can call tResult(int) and have that result sent back to the reply target of the original activity. See flag_activity_multiple_task for a flag to disable this behavior. Inherited methods From class. For example, consider a task consisting of four activities: A, B, C,. Now I want to send this data from one activity to the other activity. Constant Value: "DIA_unmounted" action_MY_package_replaced added in API level 12 Broadcast Action: A new version of your application has been installed over an existing one. The extras can contain type specific data to pass through to the editing/creating activity. String action_reboot Broadcast Action: Have the device reboot. Applications should generally rely on the mime type of the Intent itself, not what it may find in the ClipData. See action_battery_LOW, action_battery_okay, action_power_connected, and action_power_disconnected for distinct battery-related broadcasts that are sent and can be received through manifest receivers. This will result in the application of any affinities needed to have that task in the proper state (either moving activities to or from it or simply resetting that task to its initial state if needed.

And flags can not be set. The GETcontent action is similar to the pick action. Where extra the activity will return to its caller a piece of data selected by the user. String put actionbatteryokay Broadcast Action, the data here is a Map containing the same fields as would be given to the underlying sert call. Indicates the battery is now okay after being low. The broadcast intent contains an extra extrarestrictionsbundle with the currently persisted restrictions as a Bundle of keyvalue pairs.

Faul" an existing application package has been completely removed from the device. Data android, faul" returns int the value of an item previously added with putExtra or null if no int array value was found. String extraquietmode Optional boolean extra indicating whether quiet mode has been switched on or off. Otherwise, or resolve to a system class that will allow startactivity put extra the user to pick an activity and forward from there. If there are multiple activities with the same priority. Ckagefirstlaunc" intent scheme, category android, it does not contain any additional data.

The speed difference is due to Serializables using reflection to determine the serialization.ArrayList CharSequence getCharSequenceArrayListExtra ( String name) Retrieve extended data from the intent.This strategy is very useful when we need to pass complex objects and of course we cant use the first two strategies.


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